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Jaiyam Industries takes immense pride in being the manufacturing force behind Hersheinbox, a leading female Gen Z brand. With a commitment to quality and precision, we have curated and delivered over 5000 styles to Myntra, ensuring that each piece reflects the brand’s essence. Hersheinbox stands out as a versatile fashion destination, offering everything from trendy tops and stylish bottoms to elegant dresses, playful swimwear, and coordinated sets. As the creative backbone of Hersheinbox, Jaiyam Industries continues to contribute to the brand’s success, crafting fashion that resonates with the dynamic spirit of the modern woman.


Jaiyam Industries is proud to announce our manufacturing prowess across a diverse range of apparel for UNRL. In the past six months, we have successfully crafted and produced an extensive collection of 500+ styles, including stylish T-shirts, versatile trousers, functional cargoes, cozy hoodies, and trendy shackets. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail shine through in each garment, ensuring that UNRL’s offerings reflect the latest trends and meet the highest standards of modern menswear.

Elevens Heavens

Jaiyam Industries is thrilled to be the manufacturing powerhouse behind Elevens Heavens, a distinguished B2B nightsuit brand. In the winterwear segment, we take pride in producing 2500+ units of exceptionally crafted nightsuits catering specifically to women. These winter ensembles boast luxurious materials such as velvet and super-soft fabrics, ensuring unparalleled comfort and style for the discerning clientele.

As we transition into the summer season, our creative team at Jaiyam Industries is diligently working on expanding Elevens Heavens’ collection with 350+ styles of summer nightsuits.

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