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Immediate Cost Estimations

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Gain live, up-to-the-minute insight into current progress using images and videos.


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The Evolving Landscape of the Fashion Supply Chain

Immerse yourself in a highly gratifying apparel sourcing journey where technology converges with sustainability to alleviate your concerns and enhance your sales performance!

Monitor the Pre-Production and Sampling Phases

Seamlessly monitor and actively engage in the production cycle.
  • Monitor your daily production progress through your customized dashboard.
  • Express your requirements confidently at each production stage without hesitation.

Complete Clarity Through Direct On-Site Reports

Obtain on-demand images and videos directly from the field.
  • Comprehensive tracking of each phase in the production cycle is made possible.
  • We prioritize sustainable production and uphold ethical working conditions.

Singular Point of Reference

Delight in design accuracy and swift lead times simultaneously.
  • Share your requirements effortlessly.
  • Obtain instant quotes from multiple suppliers.
  • Explore new product categories with low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs).

Efficient and User-Friendly Tech Pack for a Structured Approach

Compile all your specifications in a single location using a tech pack.
  • Provide precise design specifications with images to prevent miscommunication.
  • Receive immediate price quotes for your orders.
  • Personalize products with your chosen logos or prints.

Why Jaiyam Industries?


Morally Responsible Actions

Our suppliers adhere to ethical social practices, which encompass fair wages and improved conditions for artisans.


Physical Presence in the Field

Our knowledgeable team of technicians and quality control experts is on-site every day.


Transparency and Traceability

Our platform offers complete end-to-end visibility, eliminating any concerns about “What’s Happening.”

In Search of a Clothing Manufacturer?

Are you currently encountering the following challenges with your existing clothing manufacturer?
  • Dealing with Extended Production Timelines?
  • Experiencing Communication Breakdowns with Clothing Manufacturers?
  • Facing Unanticipated Delays?
  • Dealing with Unpredictable Production Schedules?
  • Lacking Expertise in New Categories?
  • Struggling with Limited Access to Fabrics, Materials, and Designs?
  • Encountering High Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs)?
  • Battling with High Prices?

Embark on your fashion business journey effortlessly with Jaiyam Industries!

Initiate your new clothing line with just a few clicks on our AI platform, and we’ll handle everything: from sourcing to production to delivery. Launch your fashion venture in just 45-60 days with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of only 200 per style from our collection.

Explore our Designs

Our commitment to excellence extends across an expansive array of categories, ensuring a comprehensive and diverse range of offerings. From stylish tops to comfortable tees, trendy nightsuits, and versatile cargoes, our catalog is meticulously curated to cater to every conceivable need and preference. We take pride in providing a one-stop destination where customers can find the perfect wardrobe essentials for various occasions. Whether it’s casual wear, loungewear, or functional cargoes, our commitment to quality and variety remains unwavering, ensuring that we serve every category with dedication and flair.

Consistently Ensuring Timely and Secure Deliveries!

Regardless of your location, we assure the secure and prompt delivery of your products!

Fed up with eleventh-hour logistic issues?

For clothing brands outsourcing production, logistical challenges can be a significant concern. However, with our services, timely deliveries are guaranteed. Our clients never have to endure waiting on us – we ensure practical delivery times.

Reliable Shipping Collaborators

We collaborate with top-tier shipping partners in the industry to facilitate a seamless delivery process. Our trusted shipping partners efficiently handle customs issues and various logistical factors, ensuring the timely delivery of products, often surpassing the scheduled timeframe.

Full Responsibility for Secure Deliveries

The constant worry of loss or damage during transit is a common concern for brands. However, we assume full responsibility for ensuring the safety of products. Our clients can concentrate on growing their business, confident that we handle everything from production to secure delivery.

Rapid Delivery with Real-Time Tracking



Products are meticulously packed to guarantee their safety throughout the transportation process.



Our shipping partners pick up packages, ensuring seamless transportation.


Live Tracking

We monitor the products during transit, and brands can easily check their status through our platform.


Quick Transit

Our shipping partners adhere to best practices and take the fastest routes to ensure the swift delivery of packages.



Products are delivered to our clients precisely on schedule, and in some instances, even ahead of the designated time!

Revolutionizing the Sourcing Experience

Streamlined Procedures

Enhance sourcing practices by fostering collaboration, optimizing processes, minimizing errors, enhancing visibility, collecting data, and reducing waste.

Collaborative Alliances

Establish optimal supply chains by fostering enduring relationships rooted in commitment, collaboration, and transparency.

Complete Transparency

We’ve achieved full transparency in our supply chain for partner brands. Our tech-enabled dashboard monitors every step, and our on-ground representatives ensure all requirements are met. We consistently verify manufacturers’ adherence to social and environmental standards, eliminating the need for brands to personally follow up with suppliers. Real-time updates are provided through a tech dashboard accessible to all our customers.

Fabric Selection





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